“SUMMERTIME”— Unlikey Relationships


“Summertime” (“L’estate addosso”)

Unlikely Relationships

Amos Lassen

A gay couple living in San Francisco takes in two strangers traveling from Italy to start a new life in America, discovering each other and forming the most unlikely of relationships along the way. Directed by Italian director Gabriele Muccino, this is the story of two Italian teenagers who are reluctantly spending a vacation together.

Curly-headed Marco (Brando Pacitto) had delayed his plans for the summer after an accident on his scooter, but when the Insurance Company paid up it gave him enough money to be able to travel. His friend Vulcano was already in California and so told Marco that he could hook him up with some friends of his who would let him crash in their apartment in San Francisco for a few days.  However what he failed to tell Marco was that he had also said the same to Maria (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz), one of their very conservative and uptight school mates who he really did not like.

Now with Maria in tow he landed in S.F. to discover that their hosts Matt (Taylor Frey) and Paul (Joseph Haro) are actually a gay couple which brought out all Maria’s homophobia which she barely tried to suppress.  By the 2nd day, however, Maria relaxed a little, mainly because she was starting to get ‘a thing’ for Matt especially after she discovered that he was actually bi-sexual. In fact the recounting of the story of how he and Paul got together was definitely one of the more dramatic highlights of this story.

The few days that Marco and Maria were meant to stay in San Francisco became weeks as the four of them bonded, although not exactly in the way that the two Italians would have liked.  Maria by now had a serious crush on Matt and although she had now warmed to Marco, she would not allow him to act on his feelings for her.

This story of coming out, both gay and straight, of course, has an air of expectancy of things that will never happen. Muccino includes several false leads in this otherwise entertaining tale to give the impression of a layer of complexity. It is always pretty obvious how this all is going to end up. 

The four young leads are filled with talent Frey as the once sexually confused Matt leads the pack and we see that he is very happy with the hand that life has dealt him.

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