“Travels with Penny: True Travel Tales of a Gay Guy and His Mom” by David Alan Morrison— A Different Kind of Family

Morrison, David Alan. “Travels with Penny: True Travel Tales of a Gay Guy and His Mom”, Dam Publishers, 2017.

A Different Kind of Family

Amos Lassen

David Alan Morrison has written a very funny memoir about family dynamics. When his father died suddenly, his life changed totally. He was a single, middle-aged gay guy struggling with his own mortality and he does so by reminiscing about travels with his gregarious mother and discovering a new dimension to his relationship with himself, his parents and his regrets. “Travels With Penny” is a candid look at the transformation of relationship between children and their parents. It seems that just when his relationship with his family became steady, his father died and he had to deal with both that and his mother. Be prepared to laugh loudly as she read and you might want to make sure that there is no one else around so people will not think you lost it.


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