“AutoFellatio: A Memoir” by James Maker— Everything Changes

Maker, James. “AutoFellatio: A Memoir”, Inkandescent, 2017.

Everything Changes

Amos Lassen

James Maker is a very funny guy who gives us pearls of wisdom in his memoir, “AutoFellatio” which I understand is a remastered version of an earlier edition. Maker fronted such bands as Raymonde and RPLA in the 80s and 90s (both of which I am totally unfamiliar). This memoir will have you scratching your head trying to determine if what is written here is true or not. “We follow our hero from Bermondsey enfant terrible to Valencian grande dame, a scenic journey that stops off variously at Morrissey confidant, dominatrix, singer, songwriter and occasional actor, and is literally littered with memorable bons mots and hilarious anecdotes that make you feel like you’ve hit the wedding-reception jackpot of being unexpectedly seated next to the groom’s flamboyant uncle”. (Maker says it so much better than I could ever). As for the title, forget trying to figure out if it means what you think it does and whether Maker can do so.

The book (unfortunately only available on Kindle in the U.S.) is filled loaded with wonderful one-liners and Maker’s observations on “life, music and the meaning of good hair.” It is a quick read but one that will keep you laughing. It is also totally relatable.


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