“Hi, Gorgeous: Transforming Inner Power into Radiant Beauty” by Candis Cayne with Katina Z. Jones— A Beauty Guide

Cayne, Candis with Katina Z. Jones. “Hi, Gorgeous: Transforming Inner Power into Radiant Beauty”, Running Press, 2017.

A Beauty Guide

Amos Lassen

Candis Cayne is a transgender actress, activist, and style icon who has spent her life learning how to see herself for who she really is. She has taught herself and others how to celebrate inner beauty as the perfect starting point to be radiant on the outside.. Using her personal journey to self-acceptance she now gives us a one-of-a-kind beauty guide that will speak to all women.

She tells is now to be” Glam on the Go” and through tips and exclusive interviews with Candis’s team of “radiance experts,” she covers everything from new definitions of womanhood and beauty to real makeup and style tips that enhance all of a woman’s possibilities.

The foreword is by Candis’s best friend, former Olympian and transgender woman, Caitlyn Jenner (which I honestly could have done without). The book is meant to be an inspiration look at empowering women on their own paths.

Cayne was the first transgender woman to have a recurring role on a network television series. She is also a choreographer, entertainer, and vocal activist for LGBT rights, working closely with GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign.

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