“The Destroyers: A Novel” by Christopher Bollen— A Thriller

Bollen, Christopher. “The Destroyers: A Novel”, Harper, 2017.

A Thriller

Amos Lassen

Ian Bledsoe comes to the Greek island of Patmos broke and humiliated. He is running from the fallout of his father’s death that has affected him financially and emotionally. His best friend from his youth, Charlie, is enjoying the pleasures of Patmos and Ian feels that this might give him the hope to het his life back together.

Patmos is an island that many of us dream about with its days in the sun. Of course, Charlie’s yacht helped as did the appearance of girlfriend from Ian’s past but there is also something very dark on Patmos as there is in Charlie and he suddenly disappears, Ian realizes that he is stuck in deception after deception. At one point he remembers a game, Destroyers, that he and Charlie would play when they sere kids and he understands that they are, in effect, still playing. Christopher Bollen has given us a literary thriller that is totally original and sophisticated.

What really makes this such a fascinating read is not only he beautiful prose but the complicated characters that make us want to know more about them. Herein lies Bollen’s talent— we must keep reading to do this as he only gives us a little about them at a time. Put this together with Bollen’s feelings about wealth and the consequences of having in, gives us a powerful look at our world today. Then there is also the theme of redemption

that for me permeates the novel and really made me think. This is a read that is filled with suspense as it looks at the nature of identity and power. The problem that I have in writing a review here is that I must be careful not to give away to much and spoil the read for others but I will tell you to reserve a block of time when you begin reading because you will not want to stop once you begin to read.



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