“Six Neckties” by Johnny Diaz— The Power of Love

Diaz, Johnny. “Six Neckties”, CreateSpace, 2017.

The Power of Love

Amos Lassen

I have been reading Johnny Diaz’s books for several years now and, in fact, he is one of the reasons that I wanted to move to Boston. He has painted a picture of New England as a place where gay men and women can live peacefully lives and his experiences let me know that there is a great deal here to be enjoyed. However, it has been a while since we heard from him so I was glad to hear that he has a new book, “Six Neckties”.

Tommy Perez is a magazine writer in Maine and he has a collection of neckties that come from the weddings he has been in (as a groomsman or as best man). To Tommy it appears that all of his gay friends are getting married and as they do, he gets a tie and they get the man. When he reaches his fourth tie, he begins to wonder if he will ever be the one to say, “I do”.

Things begin to improve for Tommy when he suddenly meets Danny, a cute freelance photographer who shoots a friend’s wedding in Provincetown. Danny is cute enough that he should be in front of the camera rather than behind it and Tommy is smitten. However, there is the complication that comes in the form of Ignacio, a sexy and slightly older guest house manager who begins to going after Tommy’s heart in Ogunquit, the small town where they both live. Tommy who seemed to be so ready for love now questions himself if that is really true. As he helps his best friends Rico and Carlos prepare for their wedding, Tommy reexamines his past relationship with his ex Mikey who had problems with alcohol when they lived in Boston. Now that he has two potential love interests in his life, Tommy wonders whether this time he will be the one giving neckties to his groomsmen. The only way you will find the answer to that question is to read the book. I can only say that heading for the aisle is a lot of fun.

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