“Homo GoGo Man: A Fairytale About a Boy Who Grew Up in Discoland” by Christopher Duquette— A Sexually Suppressed Boy

Duquette, Christopher. “Homo GoGo Man: A Fairytale About a Boy Who Grew Up in Discoland”, DonnaInk Publications, 2014.

A Sexually Suppressed Boy

Amos Lassen

Written and told in the first person, this is a fictional story about a sexually suppressed boy who learns to dance to express himself. He dances for a living and he dances to love life. His story begins in the disco era of the 70’s when the protagonist is introduced to the fast world of go-go dancing, hustling, drugs and underground clubs after his first man-on-man encounter when he explored Times Square after he arrived in New York for college. His story takes on his odyssey to live the big life in New York City as he trips through clubs, more drugs, and a series of boyfriends for two decades until in his forties, he bottoms out in his forties from too much of it.

We go back to the Halcyon days of New York’s dance club culture and the rise and fall of one of its devotees. We read about the difficulties and wounds of growing up as a gay man in the 1970’s and 80’s and the addiction that can sometimes become dangerous.

We are with our boy as he discovers NYC, his love of dance & disco, drowning in partying excesses and finding his way back out. Even though this is a quick read, author Christopher Duquette wonderfully explains the disco era and this journey and discovery can help someone who is just coming out.

We are taken back to a drug-fueled, dance-driven era and into his painful world.


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  1. R. Glenn Guillory

    The amazing days of the disco world, from 1960 until into the early 90s, I was dancing and partying at the Parade and other discos in the French Quarter. I loved those days. I’ll reissue my novels FRENCH QUARTER KNIGHTS and TWO LOVES soon, and am working on another book which is with my editor now, CAJUN SWAMP BUDDIES. Amos, your writings are amazing and totally fascinating.

  2. authorchristopherduquette

    August, 1976, I was a sexually suppressed 18 year-old raised in suburbia whose only claim to fame was winning Prom King for the choreographed dance moves I had scrutinized watching ‘American Bandstand’ and ‘Soul Train’. I fantasized about being a go-go dancer, on a pedestal, craving sexual approval. On the day my parents discharged me at Stony Brook University, finally escaping their scrutiny and claustrophobic home, I chose to troll X-rated Times Square to satisfy my homosexual lust instead of settling into dorm life. I was quickly approached by a humpy Italian young man, who gently introduced me to my first man-on-man sexual encounter utilizing his expertise as a professional male hustler. My one hour romantic affair suddenly changed gears as my new male lover challenged me to follow his destiny to become a stripper at the premiere Adult Male Entertainment venue, the Gaiety Burlesque Theater. I became a regular dancer on weekends from 1976 – 1978, and still romanticize about those teenage years where I validated my homosexual suppression by exploiting my youth and beauty for money. I was mentored by my street savvy coworkers at the Gaiety who guided me into the fast paced lifestyle I apparently welcomed and succeeded at: hustling, how to dress, access to a variety of drugs, and the entitlement to VIP treatment at the best high-end discos and elusive underground clubs, dancing to the best DJ’s and music, making me feel like my Prom King Trophy had come to life.
    Homo GoGo Man: a fairytale about a boy who grew up in discoland, by Christopher Duquette was published by DonnaInk DP, for sale on DonnaInk.com, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and is now available at the BGSQD bookstore. Internet attention to my book has brought me in contact with professionals to consult on disco articles, exhibitions and projects revisiting the hedonistic disco era. I will be reading the chapter “the Gaiety Burlesque” accompanied by a DJ playing music relevant to that era, a technique I used while writing my book, threading lyrics with my personal experiences in iconic clubs from 1976 – 2004, driven by an insatiable appetite to literally dance my life away. Silver Mylar curtains, a disco ball, and psychedelic lights will make this book reading a multi-sensory experience at the BGSQD bookstore on level 2 of the LGBTQ center on W13th Street, NYC, Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018, 7pm- 9pm. Reading starts at 7:30pm, lasts approximately 45 minutes, after which I will be happy to talk publicly and privately, until the LGBTQ center prepares to close at 9:00pm. Connect to BGSQD.com for details, view my YouTube ‘Homo GoGo Man’ by Christopher Duquette, visit my Facebook page on Homo GoGo Man, tell a veteran of the iconic Gaiety Burlesque Theater of the event, or come to learn about a period in time that no longer exists. Homo GoGo Man is a play on words of the species ‘homo sapien’; the story about a gay man avoiding his own extinction.
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