“FOUR BY FOUR”— A Comedy

“Four by Four” (“Arba Al Arba”)

A Comedy

Amos Lassen

Wanting his boss to think that he is a cool guy, Oded lies about knowing a secret beach in Sinai Peninsula. Moti, his boss is a bit crazy himself and decides to take Oded along with two other employees, Tal, a nerd from marketing, and Dima, a racist, quirky Russian programmer to the terror-stricken peninsula.

Of course, this results in a near catastrophe and their off-road vehicle goes way off the map. One lie led to another and another so that Moti would not know that Oded lied about the resort They guys end up lost in the desert, running from a hostile Bedouin who is aided by a sheikh’s gun-toting daughter. Oded can kiss goodbye the promotion he was looking for.


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