“LET ME DIE QUIETLY”– Sex, Betrayal, Murder

“Let Me Die Quietly”

Seduction, Betrayal and Murder

Amos Lassen


“Let Me Die Quietly” is a haunting film that pushes you into your seat and keeps you there. Mario is a world weary guy who suffers from visions of murder and of late he has been haunted by a murder in Hell’s Kitchen He tries to help the police as they investigate and then he meets another psychic (he has psychic abilities) and with Gabrielle they begin a journey. They both have to deal with their nightmares as they tortured by deception and sexual obsession. Mario is cynical, Gabrielle is mysterious and together they are quite a team. This is a movie with little physical action but lots of mental activity.

Charles Casillo is Mario and he plays him with all of his lethargy and ennui with the world. Therefore it comes as no surprise when he begins to work with the police. The pervading theme of the movie deals with death and how both Mario and Gabrielle have the ability to know the last few moments of a person before death.

What we do not expect is the character study we get here of Mario. As he moves through twists and turns we get to know more and more about him which is actually not very much. It is Casillo’s blank expressions that say so much. He enters a dark world and takes Gabrielle with him.

I found myself glued to my chair and trying to figure out what was going on to no avail. Yet it is impossible not to enjoy the experience of the film even without total comprehension.

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