“4 DAYS”— College Friends

“4 DAYS”

College Friends

Amos Lassen

Derek (Mikoy Morales) and Mark (Sebastian Castro) are best friends who begin to see that mean everything to each other. We follow over a few years and watch their friendship change into something much more emotional. Both men begin to challenge who they think the other is and who they think they are. This is a beautiful look at how friendship can become love and that it is difficult to learn who we really are. It is the emotion that we see that make this such a romantic and delicate film.

The film spans four years or better said, four consecutive Valentine’s Days. Directed by Adolfo Alix, we get a close and intimate look at the relationship between two friends. The real beauty here is in watching their feelings change year after year as they realize what they mean to each other. buddies. It is almost as if we are peeping Toms watching an intrusive camera. The two actors give beautiful performances in which their eyes say what is inside.

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