“THE WRITERS”– Violence and Love—coming soon from TLA Releasing

“The Writers”

Violence and Love

Amos Lassen


“The Writers” directed by Todd Michael Smith is a story of violence and love and is visually explicit. Andrew Sarris (the director, Smith), a writer, goes out to buy the local newspaper hoping that it will generate an idea for his new novel and meets Eddie (Stephen Michael McKenzie), a serial killer. Eddie kidnaps Sarris and the two men agree that Sarris will write his next novel about him.

This is a story of sexual deviance and verboten love. Sarris and Eddie are both tortured and thereby take pride in torturing others. Their love is held together by violence and this is certainly not your usual romance. This violence shows right through in the film which is rife with male frontal nudity and some kinky lovemaking. While the film is obviously low budget and the cast is made up of amateurs, it pulls you and makes you watch. At times it is like watching a bad dream but I think that this is a step forward for the new queer cinema which is based upon showing things as they are. In this case, we get forbidden love and watch it in unsimulated form. It is graphic and it is alarming just like life itself.

Included is a bonus film as well as two documentaries that go behind the scenes. “The Writers” can be ordered at TLA.com.


3 thoughts on ““THE WRITERS”– Violence and Love—coming soon from TLA Releasing

  1. Scotty

    Hi Amos! Great review. However, I cant find ‘The Writers’ On the TLA website or ANYWHERE!!??? 🙁

    Do you know where I can get the DVD?


      1. Scotty

        Okay, thanks for your help!! I hope I can find it. I tried googling and just came up with a bunch of torrent sites. Yuck!


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