“Anything for You” by Ethan Day— In the Closet but Opening the Door

Day, Ethan. “Anything for You” ED Books, 2017 reprint.

In the Closet but Opening the Door

Amos Lassen

Some of you have probably noticed that I have stayed away from reviewing light gay romances because I find so many to be repetitive. However, Ethan Day is such a good writer that I cannot say no when he asks me to review his books. We meet Jason Miller, a young gay man who is still in the closet and that is because he has never found the need to come out. He just does not feel that the world has to know about his sexuality. 

When “ex-activist/coming out guru”, Chad Wellington came along, these two opposite men were totally attracted to each and they immediately start dating seriously. However as things develop, Jason’s reluctance to out himself presents problems for both of them. Jason’s closet is an interesting one in that he is basically out aside from his parents, sister, and coworkers.

Jason struggles with being in the closet and he just can’t imagine coming out even to his lesbian sister. He also does not let this dissuade himself from having a good time with his group of gay friends. After being set up on a blind date with Chad and the two become romantically involved, Jason has to make a decision about who he is.

Unfortunately something seemed missing here and that surprised me because Ethan Day is such a good writer. I found the initial attraction between Jason and Chad to be somewhat forced. Neither man seemed to be ready to begin a relationship and while they are cute enough, the attraction they feel for each other seems to me to lack sincerity and depth. There were other problems for me especially the entire drug issue. Friendships also do not feel genuine here. I realize that this was written a number of years ago so I am cutting Day some slack as this is the first time I am disappointed by one of his books. Writing is based on little steps and it is okay to misstep once in a while.

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