“QUENTIN AND I”– David Leddick Stars

“Quentin and I”

David Leddick Stars

Amos Lassen


Author and performer David Leddick was a friend of the late Quentin Crisp and he reminiscences about him in his theater piece, “Quentin and I”. I am constantly amazed at the things that Leddick can do and in this he IS Quentin Crisp. He is not just Crisp; he is Crisp at his most eccentric. His eccentricity is one of those aspects of his personality that made Quentin Crisp such a memorable person. Another interesting aspect of this piece is that Leddick does not just play Crisp but he also plays himself and he bases this on the men’s 20 year old friendship.

Crisp loved Manhattan and Leddick gives is songs about his friend’s love for New York. Crisp moved to New York in the 1970’s and lived there until his death. He always wanted to be at the middle of everything as the center of attention and he usually succeeded. Leddick relates this through stories and songs and he shares some gems with us, i.e. Crisp refused to ever clean his apartment.

Crisp left his mark on gay life and on New York City as well and we now have a chance to see how he felt about his adopted home. He was “a man for all seasons” and if the season wasn’t right, he would fix it to make sure it was. He tore down barriers and lived his life as he wanted to, something that not many of us would dare to do.

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