“Fried & Convicted: Rehoboth Beach Uncorked” by Fay Jacobs— The Craziness of Life

Jacobs, Fay. “Fried & Convicted: Rehoboth Beach Uncorked”, (Tales from Rehoboth Beach), Bywater Books, 2017.

The Craziness of Life

Amos Lassen

If you are familiar with Fay Jacobs’ writing, you know what to expect and if you are not, the time has come for you to do so and discover one of the most delightful women writers around. Fay has already published four very funny memoirs and as clever and funny as her writing is, so is Fay the person. When you need to laugh, you can count on her to give you a reason to do so. I was lucky enough to meet Fay a few times and I can tell you that she is as genuine and as funny as the stories she tells. In this, her newest book, Fay takes a look at life from her own point of view and gives us her commentary on life as she and others live it in her town of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

You realize early on that nothing is sacred with Fay and she dares to say aloud what so many know but keep to themselves. It is, however, the way she says it that keeps us laughing. I understand that she has been working on this book for a few years and when what’s his name was elected president (small “p” deliberate), she decided that the time had come to publish this. She looks at serious subjects like marriage equality and her partner Bonnie’s medical diagnosis and gives us her own views on such activities as kayaking and becoming an activist. The beauty is that she keeps us laughing as she often laughs at herself and even at her sexuality. We also learn that Fay has a new title— she is a sit-down comic who will read her stories to others. She tells us that she entered show business at a time when other people her age are breaking hips. Her father taught her that even the most horrible event is better when there is a story to be told and she has stories; of all kinds.

I do not want to ruin the read by telling you some of the stories that Fay shares and I strongly recommend that you get a copy of the book and prepare yourself to have a great time. We are so very lucky to have Fay because as she tells her stories, she also tells some of ours.



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