“ALL MALE, ALL NUDE”— Welcome to Swinging Richards


Welcome to Swinging Richards

Amos Lassen

Swinging Richards of Atlanta is the only gay strip club in the heart of the Bible Belt. The club is located in Atlanta and “All Male, All Nude” is a new documentary by director Gerald McCullouch about the club. McCullouch says that Swinging Richards is “a unique symbiotic relationship to witness and experience night after night. There is so much common respect and appreciation.” He was amazed and intrigued by the relationship many of the straight entertainers had with their gay regular customers.

McCullouch is from Atlanta but is now based in New York and he has spent over five years on the documentary, interviewing dancers, staff members, customers, and shooting footage. Now the film is ready to be seen and will premier at the Atlanta LGBTQ film festival Out On Film as I am writing this.

Gerald McCullouch is familiar from the Bear City movies and the independent film, “Daddy” as well as being or as one of the lab techs in CSI. Now we can also call him a director and he decided to focus on America’s only all nude, all male, gay strip club, Swinging Richards. The film is a look at the taboo world of male stripping. The men who participate on stage and the men who watch them take off their clothing defy categorization. There are straight men, gay men, bi-sexual men and those who are gay for pay only when the money is to support themselves and, sometimes their families by dancing nude for a diverse clientele of gay men, straight women, business men in town for work, married couples and everyone in between.

On the stage, the men range in age from their 20’s up to their 40’s and connect with customers in a money making venture. Each relishes, defends, enjoys and/or detests their career choice and now looks back on life’s lessons that led them to where they are now. Together the men, onstage and off, have fostered an original family unit.

McCullough has been working on the film for four years as a solo venture. Many of us see Atlanta, Georgia as a home for mega churches and religious followers, however, we see here that it is also a Mecca for adult entertainment, having one of the densest populations of strip bars in America. However, only one of those has an all male, all nude staff that is geared towards a gay clientele.

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