“GLAMOUR DOLLS”— Getting Into Show Business

“Glamour Dolls”

Getting into Show Business

Amos Lassen

John De Luca’s “Glamour Dolls” is the story of two male prostitutes who want to become professional actors and how they struggle to get into show business. Adam (Dominik Danielwicz) and Ben (De Luca) live together and are close friends that support each other. They to party. They have a good life and have lots of money that they have received from their clients. pockets full of money, money that comes from their clients. Ben’s sweetheart just moved in with them and doesn’t really get along with Adam. Larry (Laurence Christopher), their pimp, also has a cabaret show and after a problem with the two lead actors he is forced to find replacements as soon as possible. He offers the job to Adam and Ben and suddenly they are involved in this new world of underground theatre and are performing as drag queens. On their road to success, Adam and Ben meet many people from the media industry, journalists, actors, producers, rich and powerful people; and they learn everyone is after something. They also see how perverted and dangerous it can be to become involved in show business but also how tempting and rewarding it is. “Glamour Dolls” shows us just what show business is all about and while this is far from being a great movie, it is a lot of fun.

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