“Symphony for the Devil” by James Marcus— The Legacy Continues

James, Marcus. “Symphony for the Devil”, (The Blackmoore Legacy: Volume 2), CreateSpace, 2017.

The Legacy Continues

Amos Lassen

“Symphony for the Devil” is the sequel to “Blackmoore” which ended eight months before this novel begins. (It is, however, unnecessary to read the prequel to enjoy this but it helps. We find Trevor Blackmoore, Braxton Volaverunt, Cheri Hannifin, and Braxton’s best friend J.T. Oliver beginning a new chapter of their lives in the Seattle. Trevor and Cheri are starting their studies as freshman at the University of Washington, and Braxton and J.T.’s band is preparing to finsh their first album with Arcadia Records. Trevor’s mother, Kathryn Blackmoore, is now president of Blackmoore World Corporation and he has begun to enjoy being an independent and free woman in her late forties. She no longer has to deal with the curse of the Blackmoores and is learning how to live with her only obligation being herself. She, along with the others are totally aware of their shared lineage and the growing threat of the Dark God of the Wood and it is understood that faithful human and supernatural disciples ready and waiting to attack.

Braxton and Trevor, two young men find that their love (which is bound in blood and prophecy) understand that their love is the only thing they have to rely on to keep them safe. As they leave Bellingham and the ruins of the Volaverunt home in their wake, they are replaced by two other Blackmoores, Francesca and Mary-Margaret, one a beautiful cousin and the other a brilliant violinist who has come to Bellingham to teach Music Theory at Fairhaven University. She lives with her cousin and Trevor’s great aunt Mabel Blackmoore (Queen Mab) at the great Victorian mansion. Also there is spirit of Michael, also a violinist.

This is the story of family loyalties, deceit and love as well of those who left this world before their time. When the new residents come, things begin to happen. When a coven of witches is forced to deal with tragedy, Mary-Margaret finds herself being part of the world of Michael Donovan, a ghost, who has a plan to kill all of the evil forces.

This is not your regular speculative-fiction read but then speculative-fiction is never ordinary anyway. The novel covers more than a century and moves back and forth between past and present. It is here that we learn about the Blackmoores and their world. I generally do not read books that are based in fantasy but I so enjoyed “Blackmoore” that I was anxious to read the sequel. Marcus James told such a good story there and his story here is just as good if not better.

James has created unforgettable characters and these characters propel this dark story forward. The story is more complete than its predecessor and ends on an unbelievably powerful note. It is a big book coming in at over 600 pages and each page is a treat. I love that this is a novel about family written at a time when the concept of what family is has become fluid. It is very difficult to review this without spoiling the read but I can tell you that you will be surprised more than once. Not only do we get the chance to be reacquainted with our old friends from “Blackmoore” but we make some new ones here. James pulls us into the story on the first page and it is really difficult to stop reading from that point. Plot your day accordingly.



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