“DISCO LIMBO”— David and Lucio

“Disco limbo”

David and Lucio

Amos Lassen

While at a party, David falls in love with Lucio, a guy he sees for the first and last time.. When Lucas disappears in the crowd, David sets out on a search to find him and this becomes a journey of self-discovery. In order to win Lucio’s heart over, David has to deal with his own thoughts. Argentine directors Fredo Landaveri and Mariano Toledo give us a film that can be understood on many different levels. Some will see it as a film that makes us think after viewing in while others may see it as an independent film that takes risks.

David and Lucio embark on a journey that begins on the dance floor and ends in the mountains. Here is a film that flirts at times with video art, with different languages, formats and visual proposals that allow us to have different levels of understanding in the same scene. The way that this story is told is like being at an endless party. Lucio must find the love of his life between pop songs, neon lights and bizarre characters. This is the essence of this film. It is a kind of narrative overloaded with narrative and visual elements that introduces us slowly into a surrealist atmosphere and electro pop.

The film’s focus is on the exploration of infinite audiovisual operations combined to form a collage of moments in the life of a boy who looks for another— the boy with whom he fell in love fleetingly. The narrative line that structures the story – the ancient and passionate idea of love at first sight with a stranger followed by an abrupt separation and the search that will lead to the reunion is shown to us in several different ways. The lover will change his face, personality and locations will be diverse, but the pursuit of that ephemeral love will be the constant. The story takes place in a context similar to the world today where love in times of technology is changing everything.

We do not get a value judgment on those new technologies that are incorporated into our daily life, and the film does not evaluate them, but rather what it has to say comes from the heart.

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