“My Big Gay Life” by Brad Loekle— A Comedian’s Stories

Loekle, Brad. “My Big Gay Life”, Brad Loekle, 2016.

A Comedian’s Stories

Amos Lassen

Brad Loekle gives is an account of a life and while it is indeed about his sexuality it is also about the human experience. The conversational tone allow us to feel comfort until the mood changes every so often and we get stories of love and loss.

Loekle jumps around but he is easy to follow and his storytelling is wonderful. Loekle uses humor as he writes of difficult times in his life and shows how humor can help people get through very dark times.

We get a look at the author’s life through stories and they particularly are for those who struggle with sexuality.

Loekle is inappropriate, hilarious, and honest. He is a gifted storyteller with a lot to share with us.

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