“The Gay Preacher’s Wife: How My Gay Husband Deconstructed My Life and Reconstructed My Faith” by Lydia Meredith— A Personal Memoir

Meredith, Lydia. “The Gay Preacher’s Wife: How My Gay Husband Deconstructed My Life and Reconstructed My Faith”, Gallery Books/Karen Hunter Publishing, 2016.

A Personal Memoir

Amos Lassen

Lydia Meredith, a woman spent almost thirty years married to a preacher and then her husband, Dennis left her for another man. —only to have her husband leave her for a MAN —and how her life becomes a testimony of tolerance and a theology of love and acceptance. Here she speaks for the first time about how that revelation shattered her world and strengthened her faith. This incident changed her life, to say the least and she struggled to put her life in order as a result. She enrolled in theological study in order to find a way to put her family back together and learned that Jesus’ ministry and teachings were really about teaching tolerance and love for people who are considered and labeled as different.

In 2013, Eddie Long, then a Memphis pastor was arrested for sexual battery on a minor. He had been allegedly sexually abusing a sixteen-year-old member of his church for two years. The teen reported the abuse to adults in the church. Instead of turning the pastor in to the authorities, the parishioners only prayed for the pastor. This caused public outrage and we then understand that this denial was not new and had actually been going on for years. We became aware of the abuses like this in the Catholic Church and Vatican not only turned a ignored the pedophilia among its ranks and it also covered up the crimes and protected the perpetrator.

We just know more about the scandals because of social media and a twenty-four-hour news cycle that demands information and this is certainly better than when children were not listened to. Men in powerful positions felt that they could get away with anything and many did.

What is so amazing here is Lydia’s ability to forgive. Each chapter of this book is its own story.

When they were dating, Lydia has already realized that Dennis was not for her but she married him anyway and things were basically okay until the birth of their third son at which point she noticed changes in him but was not sure what these changes were. When she found gay porn and confronted Dennis, he claimed to be bisexual. She did not know that he had already been having sex with many men as she went into denial and avoidance until she could no longer do so. She left him. Lydia is quite a person. She is both outraged and outrageous (sometimes in the same paragraph) and I just wished there was not so much useless information here. Yet there is also a lot of drama and it is fascinating to read.


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