“If You Need Me I’ll Be Over There” by Dave Madden— Gay in the American Midwest

Madden, Dave. “If You Need Me I’ll Be Over There”, Break Away Books, 2016’

Gay in the American Midwest

Amos Lassen

In Dave Madden’s collection of short stories we read about men who are different in the American Midwest. For example, We read of an HIV-positive chemist who uses football to connect with his brothers; a 17-year-old girl struggles with a cartoon cobra to avoid thinking about her mother who walked out on her; a hotel concierge starts attending Mass even though his partner was molested by a priest. These are struggles of people who try to figure out their place within families and communities, outsider are always looking in at the society that they yearn to be a part of. Our characters have been marginalized simply because they are different yet they want to be happy.

The stories are by turns humorous, heartbreaking, and haunting, and Madden’ prose is gorgeous and populated by well drawn characters that find a place in our hearts and minds and who remain with us after the covers of the book are closed.

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