“A KISS IN THE SNOW”— Funny, Tragic and Sexy

“A Kiss in the Snow” (“Kysset som fikk snøen til å smelte”))

Funny, Tragic and Sexy

Amos Lassen

The 23-minute “Kysset som fikk snøen til å smelte” or “A Kiss in the Snow” is a Norwegian(-language) short film from 1997, so it is almost 20 years old. It is a gay-themed short film that actually has a somewhat interesting premise (a triangle relationship). It’s a sweet little story about unrequited love between two Norwegian teenage boys, both popular with the girls.

The kiss in the snow of the title is a powerful, charged and sexy moment. We become aware of thousands of emotions expressed through one quick peck in the shivering cold. However, at it was some 20 years ago, the ending is, tragic and totally recognizable for anyone who’s found it hard to be themselves.

The actors are fine and the story has grace. The kiss is wonderful as is the fight against feelings. We see how an innocent gesture can change all. This is a delicate and poetic short film that will stay with you after you see it.

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