“BLAKE PRUITT SHORTS”— Three Short Films


“Blake Pruitt Shorts”

Three Short Films

Amos Lassen

Blake Pruitt is a New York City filmmaker, writer, director, editor, producer, and part time drag queen who presents with three short films that show the reality of gay life.

“20MALEGAYNYC” is a short documentary made up interviews with ten young gay men who share the experiences of gay urban 20-somethings today.

Three gay men talk about how they think gay people are disgusting and weak, how they are afraid of gays, and that being gay is a shameful disorder. They seem not to know much about who they are and with whom to connect and this is probably due too a lack of knowledge about LGBT life. Because of this, the way they think could possibly affect those outside of the community and how they regard us. Pruitt says that the aim of the film is to create some kind of archive that is easily accessible and that becomes a time capsule for now. Regardless of sexuality, we all have hopes, fears, dreams, insecurities and feel pride in ourselves.’ Topics in the film include body images issues, safer sex, barebacking, depictions of gay men in the media, promiscuity, relationships, dating apps, gay tribes, hopes and ambitions.

The second short, “Camchat”, follows a young guy named Alec who encounters various men in online chat rooms and it is in these chat rooms that experiences range from purely sexual to purely emotional. The film is ten minutes of looking at screens as young guys try to connect with each other in various virtual environments. Online communication like this is common now. Blake Pruitt tries to show how silly this sort of communication is.

The final short, “Read Aloud” follows Justin, a film editor who dreams of being in front of the camera. When a new relationship begins developing, Justin has to decide if he wants to follow his dreams or settle down.