“Unhinged” by Rick R. Reed— Just in Time for Halloween


Reed, Rick R. “Unhinged: A Collection of Gay Horror”, Wilde City Press, 2016.

Just in Time for Halloween

Amos Lassen

We do not usually think of horror and romance at the same time yet in this new collection of six short stories by Rick R. Reed, we see that this is indeed possible. Reed takes us on a dark trip into a world where the fantasy and reality come together.

 “Echoes” is a story about a couple who is moving into a new apartment not knowing that there is a ghost in residence already. All that ghost wants is to have a chance to finally be put to rest.

In “How I Met My Man”, the LGBT community is attacked by a killer who has no boundaries. An uninvited guy came into Stephen’s home while he was not there- and returned the same night when he was. The story plays on the idea that there is someone in the house with you.

“The Man From Milwaukee” is a short, short story about the fragility of human nature and the ease there is in manipulating it.

Of course, we have a story with a vampire— “Sluggo Snares A Vampire” is about not knowing whom we are peaking with online. During the day, Sluggo works at a bank but at night, he becomes Sir Raven and when he invites a guest into his home one night, he discovers that his guest is a vampire.

The closet remains a popular theme in gay stories in “The Ghost” we meet two men who are having a sexual affair while one of them is still in the closet. Neither guy had any idea that he would fall in love and it takes a ghost to explain to them what love is all about.

Oliver’s husband was murdered and he senses his lover is still with him in “Incubus” and we see here that true love lasts eve after death.

We see that there is something for everyone here in this diverse collection that waves between romance and horror.


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