“ONE NATION FROM TRUMP”— On the Trump Train


“One Nation Under Trump”

On the Trump Train

Amos Lassen

Are we ready for a balanced examination of Donald Trump, the most talked about presidential candidate in history? Personally I am not but because I was asked to review this new documentary, I am going to tell you what I think of it and you probably also see what I think about Trump. The film wastes no time jumping into what it calls, “the unstoppable Donald Trump revolution”.


We get both the high and low points of the Trump’s improbable rise, from early speaking engagements to explosive televised debates to galvanizing speeches and public media feuds to, finally, securing the presidential nomination We are taken aboard the Trump Train from the very beginning and get an unflinching look at what may be the most important political figure of the 21st century. (How I hate calling Trump important).

Now this is not much of a documentary since it is just an hour of clips from Trump interviews and speeches. There is some voice over and the film reaches the end, the voice doesn’t match with what is on screen. The film is not insightful and is just simply a propaganda piece. We see no opposing views.


The film actually makes Trump look worse than he is. There is no continuity and there was no editor. Nothing holds together and it’s just Trump with his fake tan and terrible hair telling us that he is wonderful. We see and hear his fear mongering and agenda of hate. He comes across as a

“rancorous power hungry lunatic as someone who can’t fit the pieces together very well”. Like its subject, it is completely idiotic with a bunch of useless video clips. If there is a redeeming aspect of this film it is that it shows a disgusting presidential campaign that will go down in history as a shameful reflection of a country’s hatred and anger.

And from a Trump supporter who saw this film:

“My Yahoo handle is StocktonRob. I am a 68 year old Nam vet and a Republican. Trump is an honest man, albeit not perfect as he willingly admits. This excellent examination of Trump in his many interviews and rallies and meetings with Americans gives an overall view of a man who is very likely to beat Crooked Lyin Hillary in November. There did not need to be any opposing views in this documentary because it is dealing strictly with “the phenomenon of Trump” as a Republican presidential candidate and that is exactly what is examined. There is an unbridled enthusiasm at Trump rallies and within the Republican Party for this man who has put to one side his incredible business career in an effort to be elected U.S. President so he can use the same negotiating skills that have made him so successful in business in the international and national arenas of politics. I highly recommend this video to all Americans so they can see through the lies of the left and the mainstream media. (totally liberal) in the U.S. Stockton Rob”.

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