“A Troubled Range” by Andrew Grey– Hiding

Grey, Andrew. “A Troubled Range”, Dreamspinner Press, 2011.


Amos Lassen


Andrew Grey is an author that holds your interest from the very first sentence. Thus time he gives us a variation on “Romeo and Juliet”. The Holdens and the Jessups have neighboring ranches but they are anything but neighborly. However Haven Jessup is not like his father—he is incapable of hate especially with regard to Dakota Holden who allowed him to stay during a storm. It was that that Haven meet Holden’s friend, Phillip Reardon. We learn that Haven is gay and Phillip sees this and the two men begin a secret romance and which causes a series of “incidents” as well as the exposure of some secrets that make life very difficult for Haven.

The book continues the story begun in “A Shared Range” and it is packed with emotion. Haven has long held his desires within himself because his father is so strict. We see a different side of Haven and I love the way we are exposed to Haven questioning his father’s feelings and we see him as a very sweet and loveable guy despite the monster of a farmer. The romance between Haven and Phillip is erotic and powerful and I could not help but love them and root for them.

There is mystery and romance and a very good story with believable characters. Grey manages to mix sexiness and sweetness and come up with get another good read.




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