“GAS-S-S-S”— Combining Science Fiction and Comedy



Combining Science Fiction and Comedy

Amos Lassen

Gas-s-s-s, a mash-up of the science fiction and comedy genres. It is a post-apocalyptic tale viewed through the lens of director Roger Corman and features a cast of young talents-of-the-day including Cindy Williams, Bud Cort and Ben Vereen.


When a military chemical accident kills everyone on the planet over the age of twenty-five, Earth is left in the hands of the youth. Hippies Coel (Robert Corff) and Cilla (Elaine Giftos) will lead a quest for survival joined by Hooper (Bud Cort), Coralee (Tally Coppola), Marissa (Cindy Williams), and Carlos (Ben Vereen).


When “Gas-s-s-s” was released in 1970, it was promoted with ads that proclaimed, ‘Invite a few friends over to watch the end of the world. They travel around the country to find a specific place in New Mexico where many survivors are traveling to although we never know just why so many survivors are traveling there. The various characters the group encounters along the way are all goofballs.


“Gas” came to be is Roger Corman’s latest attempt to be funny and hip. I do not know what happened here as this movie left me totally befuddled. The young actors are fine and some of the jokes work but by and large, I was lost during the viewing.

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