“Blood Dive” by Greg Howard— Going Home

blood divine

Howard, Greg. “Blood Divine, Wilde City Press, 2016.

Going Home

Amos Lassen

Cooper Causey is not our typical hero; he has had to deal with the demons inside of him ever since he was a young boy. He receives a voicemail that upsets him and brings him back home to Wakefield, the place where he was first made aware that there was something dark inside of him. Arriving in South Carolina, he searches for his missing grandmother and with this he learns about who he really is and who came before him. Before he realizes it he becomes “a pawn in an ancient war between two supernatural races”. Cooper knows that he has to protect the man he loves from what seems to be impending doom and to do so he must use his dark powers, the very same powers that can consume him.

With so many paranormal books being written these days, it is difficult to find one that has something to say and that is what we have here. I honestly had no idea what to expect as I began to read and the more I read, the more involved I became.

In order to protect the only man he’s ever loved, Cooper must embrace the dark power threatening to consume him and choose sides in a deadly war between the righteous and the fallen. Most of life seems to be a battle between good and evil but the extent always differs. I recently taught a seminar of the “banality of evil” and I learned a great deal about it from my students but the one singular thing I took away from that class is the fact that evil is always present but we seldom recognize it as such. We see it in contrasts—light and dark, heaven and earth, love and hate and so on.

We immediately see that Cooper has a problem but we have no idea, at first, what it is. We certainly see how he feel about his boyfriend and the fear that Randy (RJ) will ever one of the main characters in this book. From the very get go you can tell that there is something different about Cooper but just not exactly sure what it is. One thing that is certain about him is he is in love with RJ (Randy) even believing that the love of his life will be able to return that feeling. This does not stop him from loving but it makes it frustrating. After all, the two have seen each other for a long time. Because Cooper has no clue about his own and his family’s past lives and knows nothing about his ancestors. He left home ten years ago and he knows that going back gives him the chance to see the love of his life again.

Returning home for Randy was like going to a different planet. He is forced to face evil and acknowledge to himself that there is something within that wants to come out. He is about to find out what that is.

From the moment Cooper steps back into town his world is turned upside down and things he never knew existed suddenly do and he is faced with an evil that he has never imagined. Cooper has always known that something was inside of him trying to get out but he never knew or understood what it was. If that is not enough, he also has Alexander trying to get to him but that is as far as I am going with that. This is one of those books that is hard to review because of the possibility of giving something away.

Let me say that it is not just the characters who are in for a little excitement—so are the readers. Set yourself aside a block of time when you start reading because you will find it hard to stop. We are going to meet all kinds of paranormal beings and see how real they seem to be. There is a lot of action and there is love. There is also an open end so I surmise that the story is not yet over.






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