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A Deranged Mind

Amos Lassen

Viola (Gabriella Wright) and Nicola (Bret Roberts) are trying their marriage after the unexpected loss of their child while Viola was pregnant. They decide to spend a weekend in a family cottage in the woods but what was supposed to be a romantic weekend suddenly turns into a deadly nightmare as suspicions, paranoia and blind rage explodes around them. Italian horror filmmaker Lucas Pavetto takes on a journey into a deranged mind.

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We see the birth of the child who was stillborn and the pain of the parents. We also see what a broken couple might do to each other in the moment of their worst anxiety. There is a lot of violence that is uncomfortable to watch

The film is a haunting exploration of the darkest corners of the human psyche. It is over-the-top brutal, and emotionally draining but it is also beautifully photographed.The first 30 minutes are a bit slow but that is when the characters are developed. We just need to sit through the slow part to fully appreciate the horror that follows it.

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The husband deals with his pain through torture and he becomes more and more erratic. The usual gratuitous blood and gore of most horror movies today was replaced by suspense and off camera incidence. The acting is good all around and we are kept guessing throughout.

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The solitude of being alone in the woods gives birth to paranoia and jealousy and Viola finds herself in a desperate and brutal battle against the man she loves. There is a twist at the end and that caused me to rethink the entire film in order to se if there had been any hints. I just never expected it to end the way it did. This is one of the film that you will either love or date. I read a lot of negative criticism about it and disagree but that is what happens when people have taste.

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