“#ADULTING”— Episode 1— Growing Up

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Episode 1 –Growing Up

Amos Lassen

Ben Baur from the popular web series “Hunting Season” is an “OUT” 100 Honoree. Now he has teamed up with friend Thandi Tolmay to co-create a new comedic series, “#Adulting”.

The series follows two best friends Max (Bauer) and Faye (Tolmay) as they navigate life and love while staring down the barrel of ‘30’. We see cheating boyfriends, rapidly slowing metabolisms and empty bank accounts and these are just the beginning.’ In the first episode we see that Max and Faye aren’t completely grown up (especially after they start talking about what would happen if Max was straight).


The idea for #Adulting came from the two who wanted to tell stories that were tragically relatable to this really odd time in life—that period when you are supposed to be grown up but really aren’t.

The series is directed by TJ Marchbank (Buzzfeed Motion Pictures). The three have been friends for going on 10 years after meeting at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy from where they all graduated together.

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