“From the Wilderness and Lebanon: An Israeli Soldier’s Story of War and Recovery” by Asael Lubotsky— Two Great Battles of Life

from the wilderness and lebanon

Lubotzky, Asael. “From the Wilderness and Lebanon: An Israeli Soldier’s Story of War and Recovery”, Toby Press, 2016.

Two Great Battles of Life

Amos Lassen

Asael Lubotzky was a young commander in the Israel Defense Forces during the second Lebanon War. He led his troops into combat maneuvering through urban warfare in the south of Lebanon where he was hit by a missile that damaged his both of his legs

irreversibly. Here he shares the stories of his two great battles. The first was the battle against Hamas and Hezbollah, when he head to deal with the horrors of war, the fears of his soldiers, the loss of his comrades, and the moral dilemmas of the battlefield. The second battle was far more difficult— recovery from his injuries, learning to walk again, and returning to life.

Now, even ten years later, there are still many questions that have yet to be answered and there is steel a lot of criticism about the war. In thirty-four days of fighting, innocents on both sides were killed and great damage occurred. In Lubotzky’s memoir we learn a great deal about that war.

This is an inspirational read and especially so for those grappling with the traumatic repercussions of war. The author shares the physical, emotional, and ethical challenges that many soldiers face during and after battle.

We get a look at the challenges that Israeli soldiers have to face including questions of life and death, human dignity, ethics and morality, command and operational responsibilities in peace and war and, if injured there are challenges that require and demand courage in overcoming pain and disabilities. He describes the reality of battle as well as the nobility of having to fight for his country. Asael had to deal with a long period of recuperation and rehabilitation, surgeries and pain and while he did he examined and reflected on what he had gone through and was still going through. He shares the meaning of war and tells us about the people of Israel as he does. Having served in the Israeli Defense Forces myself, I found this impossible to read with dry eyes.

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