“BOLD: Stories from Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex People” by David Hardy— Who We Are


Hardy, David. “BOLD: Stories from Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex People”, The Rag & Bone Man Press Inc., 2015.

Who We Are

Amos Lassen

“BOLD” is anthology in which 50 older LGBTI people share their stories and images. We read of first love and family, of struggle and defiance and resistance and pride. Include here are prominent Australian activists including Bob Brown, Sally Goldner and the Honorable Michael Kirby and others from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, America and Ireland. What really distinguishes is the diversity. This collection of stories celebrates the many ways we identify as LGBTI people. The stories get us angry and some agitate us while others comfort us. We laugh, we cry, we become angry— I found it impossible not to react top each of those included. The diversity is seen in ideas, thoughts and prose. Divided into fifty-six chapters that touch many different topics in our lives. The key words here are intimacy, poignancy and vibrancy. A lot of what we read here are memoirs but there are essays, stories, poems and even a song.

The 56 stories are about seventy people of which half are by or women and half are by men and there are those that identify as trans, bisexual and intersex. Most are from Australia, from every State and including regional and rural centers. There are also four stories from New Zealand, three from the United States, and one each from United Kingdom and Ireland.

“This is a book about ordinary and extraordinary people who have, at different levels and in different ways, helped change the world in which we live. This book builds on the efforts of earlier writers to unsilence silenced lives, particularly those living in areas where even today it can be difficult to ‘come out’.”