“THE BENEFITS OF GUSBANDRY”— Straight Woman Plus Gay Man Equals Gusbandry— The First Two Episodes


“The Benefits Of Gusbandry”

 Straight Woman Plus Gay Man Equals  Gusbandry— The First Two Episodes

Amos Lassen

The first two episodes of the new web series “The Benefits Of Gusbandry” have just been released. The series is based on creator Alicia Rose’s real-life relationships with her gay best friends and the series follow a gay man and a straight woman, who meet and find a spark. (Didn’t we have “Will and Grace” with the same premise?).

In Episode 1,  Jackie Rosenblum is celebrating her 40th birthday. During a break from   her party, she meets the good-looking River Manning who  is gay,but Jackie doesn’t initially realise, although it’s something they deal with in  Episode 2 when they go on their first ‘date’  (however their differing sexualities may not be a deal-breaker for some sort of relationship).

The makers are releasing episodes each month between now and next spring. 

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