“hopefulROMANTIC”— The Relationship

hopeful romantic


The Relationship

Amos Lassen

Most of us have been there—-in and out of love. In only seventeen minutes, with little dialogue. Matt Zarley takes us through the first date, to moving in together, exchanging rings, watching television together. And then the boyfriend says, “I don’t love you anymore”.  When the romance is gone there are several alternatives— fall apart, get over it, move on or beg him to return? Matt was lucky in that his best friend hooks him up with a Life Coach (George Takei) so he, and the music, help guide us through the rest of the journey.

There is a charmer of a film and completely original. It was obviously a project of passion in every sense for its creator and star and the fact that it is sung makes it much more endearing.

hopeful romantic1

This is the story about the break-up of a long-term relationship that comes as a surprise to one of the guys who had been completely happy and completely in love. Following this, he becomes very depressed. Ultimately, however, he obtains a life coach and slowly works towards accepting this loss and getting on with his life.

“Hopeful Romantic” is a non-conventional film. There is no dialog in the short film–just singing. And, in many ways the short plays a lot like a story and a music video merged into one. I loved the film and leading man, Matt Zarley, is simply amazing. He has a fantastic voice and he sings throughout the entire short film. Zarley also, incidentally, wrote the story. Benjamin Pollack’s direction is wonderful and everything comes together so well.

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