and they call it summer

“And They Call It Summer” (“E la chiamano estate”)

Dino and Anna

Amos Lassen

Dino is a forty-year-old man who loves Anna but he cannot touch and/or embrace her. He is an anesthetist by day and a compulsive lover at night who seeks satisfaction with prostitutes and swingers. The early death of his brother and mother left him deeply marked and this led to his sexual addiction. He reject’s Anna’s love and advances and instead meets her partner’s and asks them to come back to her or at least provide her with the pleasure he denies her and that she deserves.


When he tells Anna to find a lover, she dismisses the idea but ultimately gives in but she feels so strongly for Dino that she really gets no satisfaction. It just goes to show that he feelings for him are more powerful than physical pleasure and frustration.

Directed by Paolo Franchi, this is quite a film. It is courageous and stylish film; explicit and intimate. It attempts honestly to deal with the issues of longing and desire and it questions the frailties of the male sexual imagination. A man and woman are haunted by the past that lingers on. They cannot live together but they can’t be apart as well. They exist in a emotional wasteland trying to come to terms with their own desperation.


Some will hate this film but it will change how we look at love, relationships and even movies. Isabella Ferrari’s performance as Anna is impressing and stunning. She put herself completely in the hands of the director, giving it all, reaching the audience with her desperation, her pain, her loneliness caused by an impossible love.


The film is a non-linear narrative and uses flashbacks to tell the story. We see a different kind of love here and it is far from the idea of happiness at all costs. It explores the sentimental life of a modern and successful couple in which love does not exist and will never exist . Dino and Anna are a picture-perfect couple, but the truth is different: the lack of sex, love, confidence, honesty hiding under this surface will face us with something that probably we are not ready to accept. What we come to understand here is that there is a different way to love, full of tragedy and pain, and a different way to “be together” that makes Dino and Anna feel alive and fulfilled. We see that there is no need to be happy to be alive and even though we may not agree with this but we see it japanning on the screen.

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