“CHOCOLATE CITY”— Amateur Night

chocolate city poster

“Chocolate City”

Amateur Night

Amos Lassen

Michael, a struggling college student faces changes when he meets the owner of a male strip club who convinces him to give amateur night a try. “Chocolate City” is an all black take on “Magic Mike”.

Michael realizes that stripping is his natural calling and overnight becomes a big star. He had been working part-time selling hamburgers to help support his mother (Vivica A. Fox) and older brother. What he really wants is a girlfriend and he is enamored of Carmen (Imani Hakim) but because he does not have a car she refuses to go out with him.


Just when his family was about to have their electricity cut off, Michael was approached in the Men’s Room of a club and offered a job dancing at a women’s club but he decides it was not for him. But then his brother who knows how much money he can make urges him to reconsider because of the amount of cash he can make. Michael was soon working really hard and this caused his grades to suffer but he was able to buy a car and have sex.

Of course the stripper/dancers are all wonderfully handsome and built men and their routines are very, very hot. Of course his mother began to worry about where Michael’s sudden wealth was coming from and both and Carmen had no idea that he was making it dancing for screaming women.


The other dancers resent Michael because he got top billing and he was new and he made more money than they did. Unfortunately, “Chocolate City” is filled with clichés, and stereotypes, and the dialogue is just awful. I have no idea what Writer/director Jean-Claude La Marre was thinking when he took on this film. There are some good dancing/stripping routines and Robert Ri’chard as Michael has a great body and can really move. However the film is so obviously a rip off and does not approach the original.

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