“Gay Men at the Millennium: Sex, Spirit, Community‬‪” edited by Michael Lowenthal— An Anthology of Gay Men’s Writing

gay men at the millenneum

Lowenthal, Michael (editor). “Gay Men at the Millennium: Sex, Spirit, Community‬‪”, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam, 1997.

An Anthology of Gay Men’s Writing

Amos Lassen

While browsing today at Calamus Bookstore in Boston (one of the few LGBT bookstores left in America), I came across this collection edited by Michael Lowenthal, one of my favorite writers and a real mensch and as I browsed the contributors, I knew I had to have it, dated as it is.

”Gay Men at the Millennium” is a provocative and insightful compilation of writings by gay authors on sexuality, spirituality, family, and politics. The contributors describe the “state of the community” as it enters the twenty-first century, and examine, clarify, and define those issues that will shape its future. Gay culture in America is at a turning point (have we turned it yet. Assumptions within the community that have held true for years are being questioned, while outside the community, decisions carrying major consequences are being weighed by the courts, legislators, and media. The spectrum of concerns raised by these debates is the crux of a forum whose participants include: Tony Kushner * Michelangelo Signorile * Andrew Sullivan * Michael Bronski * Fenton Johnson * Harry Hay * Mark Doty * Bruce Bawer * Andrew Holleran * John Weir * Mark Matousek * Jesse Green * Rafael Campo * Keith Boykin * James Earl Hardy * Gabriel Rotello * Bernard Cooper * Frank Browning * Craig Lucas * David Bergman * Rabbi Yaakov Levado (Rabbi Steve Greenberg) and many others. The list reads like a Who’s Who in gay literature. This is a passionate and intellectual commentary on today’s gay movement and its future (some of which has already happened) since this was published before the granting of so many gay rights including last week’s decision by the Supreme Court of the United States which said that gay people can marry in every state of this country and that marriage will be legal.

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