“ALTO”— Two Girls and the Mob



Two Girls and the Mob

Amos Lassen 

Frankie (Diana DeGarmo) is a member of the band The Altos and it is her passion. She is also passionate about her Italian-American heritage. She is happily engaged to Tony and we might say that her life is good. But then, things change when she discovers a murder victim in the trunk of her rental car. Her sister, Heather (Melanie Minichino), convinces Frankie to attend the funeral and there they meet where they meet Nicolette (Natalie Knepp), who just happens to be the daughter of the new Brooklyn mafia don. Later, when Nicolette shows up at one of the band’s gigs, the result is a series of events that takes Frankie to a different kind of romance. Director Miki del Monico brings together ideas about family, coming out, non-conformity and the mob in this very clever romantic comedy.

alto 1

Frankie is close to her family and she loves almost everything about her boyfriend except her and her family’s feelings about a television “Mob Hit”. Frankie thinks that it hurts the image of Italian-American life by concentrating on her aspect of culture which takes away from everything else. Frankie hates the mob while her sister Heather, adores it. When the sisters meet Nicolette, they both understand that the Mafia is not just on television. Nicolette Bellafusco manages wedding bands and she also just happens to be the sophisticated daughter of Caesar “The General” Bellafusco one of the heads of the Mafia.

alto 2

Heather feels an immediate attraction to Caesar (Billy Wirth) while Nicolette is drawn to Frankie who is anxious to get away from the funeral as quickly as possible. Soon federal agents are after Frankie because of her Mafia “friends” and just at the same time Nicolette offers to mange the band. Frankie begins to feel something for Nicolette and she has to learn who she really is. Soon Frankie and her boyfriend are feeling a bit distant from each other. Because Frankie becomes closer to Nicolette, she finds herself in a murder plot against Caesar but she actually knows who wants him dead. Frankie’s life begins to look like the television show that she detests but at the same time, she begins to learn that love, her family and what matters most even with the complications that exist there. She also finds that surprises come when least expected. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It will be available on DVD from Cinema Libre soon.