“Barney Frank: The Story of America’s Only Left-Handed, Gay, Jewish Congressman”– A Legislator and a Politician


Weisberg, Stuart. “Barney Frank: The Story of America’s Only Left-Handed, Gay, Jewish Congressman”, University of Massachusetts Press, 2009.

A Legislator and a Politician

Amos Lassen

Unless you live in a vacuum you know who Barney Frank is. He possesses one of the most masterful minds in the United States Congress and he is a wonderful legislator. He has principles but he compromises, he will fight for something but only in the fairest of ways and he is funny and smart and well respected. When Stuart Weisberg’s biography of Frank arrived I was surprised at the size of it. Over 500 pages tell the Frank story and Weisberg has done quite a job. His research is amazing and he writes with ease about one of our most brilliant politicians. Even though this is a biography it reads like a novel and we are made privy to the incredible person that is Barney Frank.
Weisberg has based his book on interviews with more than 150 people as well as more than 25 hours of interviews with Barney Frank himself. We learn all about Frank and get a complete look at his life including his New Jersey childhood, his Harvard years and his tenure in the politics of Boston through his rise to national political prominence. It surely has not been easy for Frank to be openly gay and in the national spotlight and his scandal with a male prostitute was highly publicized. But Frank has opened doors for us and fought for us and been there for us even during the time when his own future was unsure. He is, above all, a liberal and his influence is widely felt.
Frank has never been a really private person and now Stuart Weisberg puts it all out there for us and he does so in an extremely readable way. This is quite a book about quite a man written by quite a man.


Amos Lassen
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