“I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves” by Ryan O’ Connell— Memoir and Manifesto

i'm special

Connell, Ryan. “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves”, Simon and Schuster, 2015

Memoir and Manifesto

Amos Lassen

Ryan O’Connell has written a very funny book in which he shows us what divides the younger generation from the rest of society. He starts off by giving his definition of the world today as made up of people who are “all-wired, overeducated, and underemployed world.” I understand that O’Connell’s blogs have many followers and there are many who look at his videos on YouTube and his tweets on Twitter. He tells things like they are and does not hold back. He might not have all the answers but he knows how to think about the questions.

O’Connell grew up, as he tells us, gay and disabled with cerebral palsy and always felt like he was one step behind everybody else. Things became even more confusing when he reached his twenties. He has been unemployed, “worked in his pajamas as a blogger; communicated mostly via text; looked for love online; spent hundreds on “necessary” items, like candles, while claiming to have no money; and even descended into aimless pill-popping”. Through trial and error, he figured out how to take his life from bleak to chic and began “limping towards adulthood” along side of his advice. As one reviewer said, the book is like reading a gay bible.

“Ryan O’Connell is a writer and professional feeler of emotions living in Los Angeles. He’s written for Thought Catalog, Vice, The New York Times, Medium, and other publications, as well as for MTV’s Awkward. I’m Special is his first book.”

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