“CHANCE”— An Unlikely Love



An Unlikely Love

Amos Lassen

Jake Graf’s “Chance” is the story of an unlikely love relationship between two people who, while nice guys, are very different and who share heartbreak. Clifford plays a man who becomes deeply depressed over the loss of his wife and the performance is beautifully sensitive. We see him as he goes through his daily routines and barely saying a word. The fact that there is very little dialogue in the film makes it that much more interesting and it certainly underscores the hopelessness and isolation of the characters.

The camera does amazing things with beautiful wide shots and tight close-ups. These emphasize both the loneliness and the companionship of the characters.


 Clifford Hume’s portrayal of a man lost in a deep depression after the death of his wife is touching and absolutely spot-on: His daily struggles are shown in a tender yet unflinching light and Chance‘s minimal dialogue serves to underscore those feelings of hopelessness and isolation. Tight close-ups and beautifully framed wide shots in a park underline masterfully the loneliness and, later, the growing companionship the main characters find in one another. The director brings great passion to the screen as well as a wonderful eye for detail and when mixing that with great performances by Lewis Hancox, Abs and Clifford Hume, we get an almost perfect film.

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