“THREE IN A BED”— A Romantic Comedy

three in a bed

“Three in a Bed”

A Romantic Comedy

Amos Lassen

Set in Manchester, England we meet Nate (Brennan Reece), a struggling magician who really wants to be independent and works hard at it. But then, his two sisters come for a visit and his life changes totally. He is really upset about this especially because he and Jonny, the neighbor who recently moved into his building are really been getting along really well. He thinks that living with his two sisters for a while could have an effect on his new “boyfriend”, especially because they do not know that he is gay. We watch as he tries to hide his sexuality from the two girls that he has practically raised alone. The themes of the film are the ways that love is different as well as self-acceptance.

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When Nate’s mother died, he took over raising the girls and now that he finally has had the chance to get a flat of his own, he is determined to be his own person. Then his sisters (Verity-May Henry and Coby Hamilton) come to see him and all three find themselves sharing not only the apartment but also a double bed. There are two plot lines that come together— Nate’s dysfunctional family situation is combined with the love story of the two men and as Nate struggles to maintain that love affair with Jonny (Darren Bransford) while hiding it from his sisters who have no idea that he is gay. The film is a romantic coming of age comedy and brings up the questions of whether Jonny and Nate will find true love or will the pressures of life living with his two sisters pull them apart. Nate’s sisters are very demanding. The film is directed by Lloyd Eyre Morgan and Neil Ely who brought us “Dream On”, “The Secret Path” and “Celluloid”.



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