“UNDER THE DARK WING”— Altering Fates

under the dark wing

“Under the Dark Wing”

Altering Fates

Amos Lassen

Johnny Boy (Fiore Leo), while on a routine job assignment, meets a vulnerable young girl (Jessy Rowe) and things are the never the same afterwards. George (David Graziano), his boss, seems to think that he can make money off of the girl but neither Johnny nor his boss have any idea of the dark secret the girl holds. Once it comes out, everything will change.

under the dark wing1

Director Christopher DiNunzio has captures the supernatural and horror in this “noir-esque” drama that starts with Johnny Boy messing up on a hit even thought the mark is dead. The problem is that he was killed by the young mysterious pregnant girl who saw Johnny Boy at the scene. She managed to get away and now George is determined to find her. He believes her to be paranormal and he wants to use her powers to help his business. George who thought he had so much over so many discovers that he and Johnny Boy are relatively mild as compared to others.

The film is dark in theme and action as well as cinematography. Because it is so short there was no time to waste in telling the story so it is told quickly but that does not make it any the less effective. It brings crime, the supernatural and horror together and it is an amazing accomplishment for such a short film.

under the dark wing2

Although this is the first film by DiNunzio that I have seen, I am going to find his others and watch them as well. There is amazing talent here. I thought to myself that if this is what he can do in fifteen minutes, I really want to see what he can do in a full-length drama.

All begins going downhill when Johnny Boy tells George about what happened on the hit and that he allowed the young woman to get away. George is upset with this and he figures that Johnny Boy is using again. Both men have surprises waiting for them.

I suppose we can call this film a crime thriller. Director DiNunzio uses his audience by playing with us (and you will understand when you watch the film). I really cannot say anymore than to tell you to find this film and to watch it. By discussing the plot I am in danger of ruining the film for others. Let me just say that this is more than a movie—it is an experience.



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