“Fallen Jewel”— A Learning Journey with Waxie Moon

fallen jewel

“Fallen Jewel”

A Learning Journey with Waxie Moon

Amos Lassen

Get ready for a “queer pop-art fantasia” when Waxie Moon takes you on a journey as he searches for the perfect man. Moon has been called a “burlesque performer for a new century” and he is really something. Two of his biggest addictions are romance and clothing and he is always ready to fall in love. The film is a collaboration between long-time friends, local actor/director Wes Hurley and Marc Kenison/Waxie Moon, a gender bending seductress. The film dares to be both “raw and refined, high art and pedestrian, male and female, ridiculous and sublime”. The two claim to have been inspired by quite a list of people including “Goddard, Fellini, Dreyer, Douglas Sirk, Fassbinder, Tennessee Williams, early silent cinema, as well as Sex in the City, John Waters, Jean Genet and 70’s exploitation.” Those who appear in the film are a list of who’s who from the Seattle arts scene— Sarah Rudinoff, Inga Ingenue, Lou Henry Hoover, Miss Indigo Blue, Nick Garrison, Jerick Hoffer, and dozens more.  This is something of a fairytale but totally pulled apart but how could anyone want to be anywhere else when they could be with Waxie as he looks for love.

fallen jewel 1

Some of you may have been lucky enough to see the documentary, “Waxie Moon” which was also a partnership between Hurley and Moon and looks at the career of our gender-bending star. The two wanted to follow that with something new and completely different so they began thinking about putting Moon into different film genres in order to see how they could deconstruct the techniques of Hollywood and form him into an ”ironic heroine”. In other words they wanted to look at Hollywood themes and the treatment of women in today’s popular culture but with Moon as the woman in the situations.

fallen jewel2

The resulting film is a love letter to Seattle and to Moon. It is also a tribute to the art of dance with numbers happening when least expected. As we move toward the end of the film, there are surprises when suddenly we realize that we are looking at the meanings of lust, sex and desire.

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