“MCTUCKY FRIED HIGH”—A New Animated LGBT Web Series


“McTucky Fried High”

A New Animated LGBT Web Series

Amos Lassen

We do not have many  animated LGBT-themed web series so when a new one comes on board, it is exciting. This one comes to us from   filmmaker, illustrator and activist, Robert-Carnilius, (who was named one of NewCity’s Film 50 and was a 2014 Student Academy Awards Finalist. It is also one of twelve projects funded by the Chicago Digital Media Production Fund from Chicago Filmmakers and the Voqal Fund).

Comedy and diversity of characters make up the series but even more than that  this series focuses on issues teens face. Across five episodes, the web series will look at coming out, extreme diets, being genderqueer, bullying, and sexting. The first episode has been released and is about 

 a popular McTucky Fried High football player who comes out as gay. Everyone wants a piece of him while they processes what it means to have an openly gay student.’ Okay, so now you might ask what is so new about this? Well,  the out football player, Henry Fry, is a box of French Fries, while the other characters are food too. It’s a lot of fun and pretty cleverly written.

Each episode will be released bi-montly starting January 26, 2015 on www.McTuckyFriedHigh.com where people can sign up for the Mctucky Bites newsletter for exclusive content and sneak peek privileges.

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