“Creature Comfort” by Rob Rosen— After the Apocalypse

creature comfort

Rosen, Rob. “Creature Comfort”, Fierce Publishing 2015

After the Apocalypse

Amos Lassen

Satire is very difficult to write and unless it catches you right away, it falls flat. Rob Rosen combines satire with speculative fiction to give us a very funny story in “ Creature Comfort”. Set some three hundred years into the apocalypse, Creature Comfort, the zombie queen, and her lover, Dara Licked have left Utah and the salt factory they run together and come to New York where drag has totally take over, so much so, that even the Statue of Liberty is dressed up and stands tall while a bevy of drag queens surround her base. The world is in serious trouble and threatened by unseen forces. Beneath this outlandish plot is a true adventure; one that involves friends and the meanings of love and being alive. Keeping that in mind, be prepared for one of the craziest and funniest books you may ever read with a cast of characters that is absolutely amazing.

This is one of the most difficult books to describe because there is so much going on (but it not a difficult read at all—in fact, it is great fun). It is also the first drag queen/zombie novel I have read which makes it very special. It is a comedy and it is a romance along with being speculative fiction and it has something for everyone. We are not sure what is going on below the lady in the harbor but whatever it is, Creature and Dara are out to save the world. Their army consists of Ginger St. James, Va Va Voom, Aflo Shee, Ricky Shea and his wife, Lola Fontaine. Now we add mystery to the zaniness and get a book that creates its own genre.

In Creature, Rosen gives us an unforgettable character that is determined to find out why and what is happening to the drag queens on Lady Liberty’s island and in doing so important themes are brought up. Mayhem rules here and if you are like me, you will laughing so hard that you will it difficult to turn the pages fast enough.

Simply put, there is a group of drag queens living in New York City in the harbor and there is some kind of mystery about them (I am trying to avoid giving a spoiler) and then there two straight lovers who are in trouble. It takes Creature and Dara to try to save them. As I said before we are taken on a crazy adventure but it is important to note that there is a method and a message to the madness. What I really like is that the book requires no thought, just the ability to sit back and read and laugh. What a great for a cold winter night.