“Lost Boi” by Sassafras Lowrey— Peter Pan Re-imagined

lost boi

Lowrey, Sassafras. “Lost Boi”,  Arsenal Pulp, 2014.

Peter Pan Re-imagined

Amos Lassen

I just received word from Arsenal Pulp Press that we are about to have yet another look at Peter Pan and this time from noted author, Sassafras Lowrey. This time it a queer punk reimagining of the Peter Pan story in which orphaned, abandoned and runaway bois of the street have sworn allegiance and service to Pan, the fearless leader of the Lost Bois Brigade.

Tootles who is Pan’s best boi, tells the story and how the lost bois create their own sense of family called Neverland. The bois are loyal to Pan and they refuse to partner with Hook’s pirates. However no one was ready for the arrival of Mommy Wendi (now corrupt) and tomboy John Michael, who bring irreparable change to Neverland. 

Lowrey has taken a children’s fantast and added subversive alternative reality, chronicling the search for belonging, purpose and the struggle against the biggest battle of all: growing up. Now we just have to wait until March to read it.