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“More Scenes From A Gay Marriage”

The Sequel

Amos Lassen

Last week I wrote a but about Matt Riddlehoover’s new film, “More Scenes from a Gay Marriage” and is the sequel to “Scenes from a Gay Marriage”. At the end of the first film we got the idea that all would be well between Darren (Matt Riddlehoover) and Joe (Jared Allman). However when the sequel opens we see that there is a bit f trouble between them and the have decided to go their separate ways.

Since the first movie, Darren And Joe’s courtship has been turned into a popular gay-themed movie. However in the on-screen version, several things have been changed and one such change includes references to sex. There is also the revelation that Joe’s wife killed herself. When Darren and Joe watch the movie they begin to take stock of their relationship and then when they meet friends Luce (Thashana McQuiston) and Greg (Cliff Burr) they announce that they are splitting up.

Luce wants to help Darren so they decide to go on a road trip. Darren has his own story of what went wrong between Joe and himself and he wants to believe it and he wants everyone else to believe it. But he also understands that not everything is black and white and maybe he was partially to blame for the breakup.


Joe continues to worry whether or not Darren is gone forever and he learned during their arguments that Darren has only slept with one man and if that could possibly be an issue. Riddlehoover takes a look at the realities of life and shows that not everything ends happily.

A clever touch is the use of a film within a film(in which Charlie David is Darren and Rett Terrell is Joe). Writer/director/star Matt Riddlehoover is extremely effective as a man having a bit of a crisis of confidence in both himself and his relationship. He brings some interesting complexities to the role. The whole idea of it being set after the break-up itself is a great idea and we get an interesting look at rationalizations, insecurities and difficulty as well as the power of hindsight. Jared Allman brings a nice understated directness to his performance as Darren. And yes we are entertained without a happy ending.

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