“Rise of the Thing Down Below” by Daniel W. Kelly— Waiting for the Fun to Begin

rise of the thing down below

Kelly, Daniel W. “Rise of the Thing Down Below”, (Comfort Cove #3),  Bold Strokes Books, 2014.

Waiting for the Fun to Begin

Amos Lassen

A New boardwalk attraction is coming to Comfort Cove and the bears and boys who live there cannot wait. It is to be a sexually provocative attraction named SandMen Strip. However, something spoils their fun and their wait. Several bodies wash up on the sand and they are identified as dockworkers.

Local paranormal investigator Deck Waxer investigates the case and suspicion immediately lands on the new young owners of SandMen. But there are others in town to check on and Deck goes to check them out as well. Little Larry Long is a two-and-a-half foot tall artist who has a cocky attitude. Then there is the mayor of Comfort Cove who is hiding something in his mansion and Father Merrin, the local pastor who has been keeping a young psychic with him.

The body count continues to rise and the dockworkers that are still alive begin to blame Deck’s own group of friends who just cannot get enough sex. What everyone seems to have missed is an evolutionary mutation that lives down below….

Let me state early on that I am over the paranormal aspects of gay literature and would love to sit down and read a book about the way we actually live—no shape shifters, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, etc. But I must say Daniel Kelly’s book is very good despite my objections to the other world. I met Kelly a couple of years ago and he impressed with his sincerity to be a writer and while he has not written a great deal, what he has published is all way about average. I might not care for the plot subjects but I must laud the guy for his writing skills. Kelly has the gift of being able to combine humor with the grotesque and gore. Because of this he is able to write what others dare not touch. His characters are also well developed and this book has a large number. However, this is not a book for everyone yet I implore all of you to give it a go. I did not realize at first that this was one of a series and I did not read the ones that came before this but it stood alone just fine.

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