“KISSING DARKNESS”— Bored with it All

kissing darkness

“Kissing Darkness”

Bored With it All

Amos Lassen

We can only imagine what happens when a group of college guys get together because they are bored with gay life as they see it. They have seen it all and decide that the time has come to get away for a while so they skip Pride and on a camping in the woods. There they play a game that to their surprise set fee the vengeful spirit of a local urban legend, Malice Valeria. The story has it that Malice is overwhelmed by her deadly plan to taint love and to get back what she lost many years ago. Our college students realize that they are dealing with more than they planned and now unite so that they will not become victims of Malice’s plan.

James Townsend directs this spook of horror movies and it is a film for fun with no deep hidden message. I have followed Townsend over the years and have seen most of his films and he always seems to gravitate toward the dark side. However, he does this with some of the best-looking young guys around and what they do have in acting ability they have in outward appearances and that is good for an hour plus of fun. He also adds humor and that lightens the whole experience.

In fact the way this got made is something of an urban legend of its own and Townsend tells us, ”What a journey it has been from start to finish! After several attempts at production, the film was finally made with an awesome cast. The result is a nice horror-comedy full of fun, humor and sexiness”.


I got to see the version of the film before the producers and/or editors butchered it and cut some of the scenes so my review is based on the director’s version of the film. The basic story is still there and it is good. The guys are hot-looking but and the acting is fair…. it could be much better but when you know the story behind this film you will appreciate that it even finally got made.

We have so few gay themed horror movies that we always hope that the next one will be a bit better than the ones that came before and this is one that certainly could have been. The guys escape the boredom of pride only to find themselves bored in the cabin in the woods. But then the use of an Ouija board calls to the spirit of Malice and boredom is suddenly gone. Our cast of young men consists of a cute blonde twink who loves to party, a loner who lives in his dreams, a good-looking hunk and the straight friend. They all look good bare-chested and in the few sex scenes. There is “beaucoup” gore and Malice is a scary broad. Do not count on guessing how it all ends up because there is an unexpected twist at the end.

This is a low-budget film and the setting are indeed limited by Townsend makes good use of them. He also uses camp humor to its advantage and Townsend has managed to stay away from clichés here. Here is a movie that requires no thought to enjoy—it is fun and yes at times it is cheesy but so are most of us. Ah yes, the cast—here are their names—Sean Paul Lockhart, Ronnie Kroell, Nick Airus, Daniel Berilla, Kyle Blitch, Townsend and Sean Benedict.

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